ROLE: Design Director and Graphic Designer
CREATED: Campaign Branding, OOH, Print Ads, Newspaper Ads, Digital Display Ads, Digital Billboards, Print Billboards, TVC, LinkNYC Ads, Bus Shelter, Bus Wraps, Instagram Stories, Instagram Paid and Organic, Facebook Paid and Organic, Animated LinkNYC Ads
ABOUT: I led the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center creative team to develop a successful campaign that addressed the challenge MSK was encountering during COVID. Fears of an immunocompromised status led to pauses in treatment. Memorial Sloan Kettering knew they needed to act fast because every month a patient delays treatment can lead to an increase in risk of death. So the creative team crafted an urgent and compelling 360 campaign with a singular focus: to save lives. The Cancer Care Can’t Wait campaign’s impact was that not only were the treatment and appointment levels returned back to their pre-COVID levels, we increased the number of patients being treated for half the cost of their previous agency. Also because of this success, we were then named their Agency of Record and continued to create data-driven marketing, reaching audiences and saving lives.

Awarded Best Media Plan by Digiday for Cancer Care Can’t Wait campaign
Effie Awards Finalist in Healthcare Services for Cancer Care Can’t Wait campaign
Best Direct Response Campaign by Digiday for Cancer Care Can’t Wait campaign