Toy Story 4 – Carnival Battle

ROLE: Lead Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics Artist, Compositor
CREATED: Digital Content, Social Content
ABOUT: To promote the upcoming Toy Story 4 theatrical release, I created custom 3D graphics in C4D, and collaborated with the editor to create this special features spot. I modeled the Carnival Battle intro sign, composited, and finalized the look in After Effects. The Ring Toss game was also modeled in C4D, complete with flying rings. Bottle Bash is illustrating a neon sign style while it’s slamming into the carnival bottles. Trick Shots uses a bouncing ball sailing across the screen that transitions into the talent introduction. I also created multiple graphic effects in the footage such as the lighting bolts on the Trick Shots game and the Winners compilation screen toward the end. Lastly, I designed the end card for the spot, and many variations of the call to action for delivery to the finishing team.